Glow Stress


GlowStress is a next-gen comprehensive nondestructive surface defect detection solution based on new carbon nanotube technology. Our nondestructive surface testing system works on existing aircrafts including next generation aircrafts, and outperforms current testing methods by providing engineers with information they need to clear an aircraft for flight within 15 minutes.


GlowStress is a business plan proposal, developed by a team of University of Pennsylvania students, that addresses the current needs of the aerospace industry for new nondestructive testing methods that provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive surface defect detection. The precision of the system removes the need for qualitative judgment calls by providing information on every point of an aircraft’s surface, giving engineers the confidence that all defects on an aircraft’s surface are accounted for. 


Inspection is a three-part process:

Step 1: Paint It

GlowPaint is a clear nanotechnology varnish that is applied to aircrafts, essentially forming a skin of sensors on the entire surface. GlowPaint is integrated into regular aircraft paint cycles. 


Step 2: Scan It

GlowScan scans an aircraft's entire surface using a laser-spectrometer array. Testing can be done within 15 minutes allowing pre-flight and post-flight inspections. 


Step 3: Read It

GlowRead, our proprietary diagnostic software, provides an easy to understand visual readout of defects and possible areas of weakness on an aircraft's surface. 



GlowStress’ simple application process reduces setup time and our integrated system outperforms current nondestructive surface testing on scope, time, and accuracy. 


Because at 30,000 feet, every detail counts.

- GlowStress